TGfU Poster Series

This poster package is designed to help physical educators implement strong programming in the area of Teaching Games for Understanding. This series is divided into the 4 main categories of TGfU: Target Games, Net and Wall Games, Invasion and Territory Games, Striking and Fielding Games.

Price: $35.00

Key Features

  • This 20 piece series consists of the 4 TGfU categories broken down into offensive and defensive tactical questions.
  • Also included are blank laminated poster (1 per category) which can be used to create your own tactical questions.
  • Green posters – Territory & Invasion
  • Blue posters – Net & Wall
  • Yellow posters – Striking & Fielding
  • Red posters – Target
  • A list of supplemental tactical questions for each category is available HERE
  • Large 19 inches by 13 inches make it clearly visible in gym

Product Details

  • Audience:
    • Early & Middle Years Physical Education teachers
    • Classroom teachers instructing PE
    • University Physical Education/Education students
    • Coaches
  • Format: Posters; 20
  • Published: 2018
  • Language: English (also available in French)
  • Purchase: through Movement Skills Manitoba