About us...

At Movement Skills Manitoba we pride ourselves on sharing the latest knowledge in basic movement skills. We are always planning a new workshop or learning new active healthy games.


In 1989 the Interdivisional Motor Skills Committee was formed under the auspices of the former Manitoba Department of Education and Training (presently Manitoba Education) to develop documents to support the instruction of physical education at the elementary level. The original committee consisted of eighteen members from all 9 school divisions in the city of Winnipeg. The first document produced was Basic Movement Skills (K-3) in 1990. The second document, Movement with Meaning was published in 1994. Subsequent to that the committee members and physical education supervisors recognized the need to continue to develop curriculum support materials and provide workshops. The committee was renamed Movement Skills Committee Manitoba (MSCM). Over the years, MSCM has continued to receive support from Manitoba school divisions, Manitoba Education, Manitoba Physical Education Teachers Association (MPETA), University of Manitoba, University of Winnipeg and Brandon University. It is the elementary physical education teacher members that develop, write and edit all the documents and provide workshop support. In 2011 the name was shortened to Movement Skills Manitoba.