Basic Movement Skills (K-3)

This booklet was prepared for teachers to provide a further understanding of basic movement skill development, observation, assessment and program implementation.

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Key Features

  • Defines the 14 basic movement skills and the phases of development: Initial, Formative, Mature.
  • Each of the 5 transport skills, 7 manipulation skills, and two balance abilities are presented with a description of characteristics at each phase of development, teaching hints, progressions and equipment to use.
  • There are suggestions for organization and implementation of program and recommended equipment.

Product Details

  • Audience:
    • Early Years Physical Education teachers
    • Classroom teachers instructing PE
    • University Physical Education/Education students
  • Paperback: Three-hole punched, 43 pgs
  • Published: 1990
  • Language: available in English (also available in French)
  • ISBN: 0-771-0946-6
  • Purchase: through Movement Skills Committee Manitoba
  • Or Manitoba Textbook Bureau (Stock# T 87164)