Basic Movement Skills Assessment (K-4)

This document provides teachers with a comprehensive guide to the assessment of the fourteen basic movement skills. The Basic Movement Skills Assessment document is intended to be used in conjunction with the first two documents, Basic Movement Skills (K-3) and Movement With Meaning.

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Key Features

  • Organizational tips to manage assessment
  • Five point rubrics describing the mature pattern for each skill
  • Assessment tasks and related information for the measuring each outcome
  • Activities that focus on the movement skill to be assessed
  • Supply lists and charts that are useful during assessment

Product Details

  • Audience:
    • Early Years Physical Education teachers
    • Classroom teachers instructing PE
    • University Physical Education/Education students
  • Paperback: Three-hole punched, 53 pgs
  • Published: 1999
  • Language: available in English (also available in French)
  • ISBN:
  • Purchase: through Movement Skills Committee Manitoba
  • Or Manitoba Textbook Bureau (Stock# MT 8142)