Basic Movement Skills Poster Series

This poster series is designed to complement the resources focused on the instruction and assessment of basic movement skills. Used in conjunction with the other documents and DVD the early years physical education teacher would be able to design and implement a program that follows the outcomes from the Manitoba provincial curriculum, K-6 Physical Education/Health Education: A Foundation for Implementation.

Price: $35.00

Key Features

  • This 14 piece series consists of double sided colour-coded posters of all Transport (Red), Manipulation (Blue) and Balance Skills (Green).
  • Skills included:
    • Transport: Run, Jump, Hop, Gallop, Skip.
    • Manipulation: Rolling, Bouncing, Catching, Underhand Throwing, Overhand Throwing, Kicking, Striking.
    • Balance: Static Dynamic.
  • One skill is represented on each poster with the Initial, Formative and Mature stages on one side, while the other side displays the Mature phase of the skill.
  • Large 11 inches by 17 inches make it clearly visible in gym

Product Details

  • Audience:
    • Early Years Physical Education teachers
    • Classroom teachers instructing PE
    • University Physical Education/Education students
  • Format: Laminated posters; 14
  • Published: 2000
  • Language: English (also available in French)
  • Purchase: through Movement Skills Committee Manitoba